Ready for a Change?

If you are a busy entrepreneur or small business owner, there are many reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant.
We are flexible.
You choose how many hours we work for you - as much, or as little as you'd like. Whether it's to cover a vacation, help on a special project, or on a regular basis, it's up to you!
We bring our own supplies.
You don't have to worry about supplying us with laptops, printers, office supplies, or even Kleenex! We stock our own office with all of the supplies we need, at no cost to you!
We can relieve employees virtually. 
What I mean by that is, do you have an employee in need of a vacation? What about an employee getting ready to take maternity leave? I've been there, let's put the shoe on the other foot. Are you the employee in these positions stressing about the workload while you are away? Your worries are over, I'm here to assist you!
We do the tasks you don't enjoy, or simply don't have time to do.
We all have parts of our business that we really don't like doing, are just not our strength, or we simply have no time for. What's yours? Taking your calls? Booking appointments? Calendar management? Email management? Event planning? Setting up business meetings? Bookkeeping? 
We are trainable and customizable. 
You teach us about your culture, your workflows, and your style and we can roll with it. Just remember that communication is key - when you don't see your VA face-to-face, a quick daily email or text will work wonders! 
We deliver better quality work.
No, I'm not bragging here. What I mean is, it's a VA's business to be "hip to" all the trends and solutions that will make your life easier, and your business run smoother. We are constantly learning, researching, digging, and testing new software and trends to bring you, and your business, the best there is to offer.
We are the boss.
That means we are willing to work odd hours, are likely working more than the standard number of hours per week, are more keen to answer emails and text messages at any hour of the day, and are willing to take on rush jobs without complaint.
We save you money.
When you sign a contract with a VA, you choose how many hours you want them to work for you. That means you are only paying for the time worked. No vacation time, no sick time, no stat holiday pay. And you don't have to supply us with health and dental benefits, or pensions, or investment opportunities. And you certainly don't have to pay to train us. You get billed for the hours worked directly FOR YOU, and for nothing else.
So what are you waiting for? Contact me today!